VIP Invest Group, VIP YAPI, was established due to the merge of several successful investment companies merged together to form one investment group in a unique experience based on innovation and providing successful and pioneering investment experience in various business and services sectors in Turkey.
Turkey is living a second to none investment renaissance in all fields, business and services sectors, VIP invest group is one of the results of this renaissance, with all effort to keep up with the development and rapid growth in Turkey. Especially in the construction sector, real estate, consultancy, tourism services and natural food, where OUR COMPANIES have been active, And our full of successful achievements experience that contributed to the development of our societies over years.


Since the announcement of VIP group, we have set a clear vision And strategic goals, where we always look forward to a promising future full of successful investment opportunities, and we aim to add real privileges to our partners and customers, with strong competition, OUR VISION is to continue to provide the best to our customers And continue the development of our investment , to reach our goal of constant development Which benefits all our sector and customers, in order to reacha leading advanced position in all the investment sectors that we work with and the services we provide in Turkey and around the world.


VIP group established a unique and distinctive cultural investment concept in the region. On the basis of the ability to obtain institutional excellence , which is one of the most important Elements of success to reach an advanced position and strengthen economic ties Between countries and societies, to ensure sustainable development that increases our clients ’profit and future returns.


Our invest group was established on solid values ​​and foundations that guide all decisions in the sectors and areas in which we operate. Where we give A high priority to deal honestly, transparently and sincerely with clients who have chosen and trusted us, so our growth and prosperity is closely linked to our communication with our customers. What must also be noted is the management and employees of the VIP group, they are the basis of all achievements, they, and our customers, are the true value of OUR COMPANIES.